4 Awesome Things To Do In Thailand

The land of tropical forest, mist-covered mountains, and ancient ruins guarded beautifully in the shade of palm fringes, and bounded by the white sandy beaches, Thailand welcomes its visitors with a happy face. One of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe, Thailand has something remarkable to offer every visitor.

To make the trip to Thailand great, here is a brief guide to the best things to do in Thailand:


  • Buddhist Meditation: From spirit houses to temples, Thailand is the ancient home to Theravada Buddhism. The teachings of the religion are closely knitted in the fabric of Thai culture. In Buddhism, Meditation is the cornerstone of the eightfold path to enlightenment. Meditation is an ingrained practice here. Attend at least one of these two main branches of Buddhist Meditation:
  • Samantha (calmness and concentration): A soothing meditation practice that emphasizes on improving the focus and concentration ability. It is a practice to still the unruly mind and to develop greater clarity. This path of calmness followed by Buddha himself is central to bringing awareness and being kinder to ourselves and others around.
  • Vipassana (Insight): An intense meditation practice performed for the eradication of mental impurities and pain caused by external influences, and to attain self-realization. This is a unique meditation technique of self-transformation through self-observation.

Buddhist Meditation


  • Undergo Thai Massage: Thai Massage or Nuat Thai is the process of removal of the outer layers of the conscious living from the body until the celestial core is revealed. It is a practice to slow down and to experience expansion and joy. A technique with roots in Indian Ayurvedic and Yogic system, it emphasizes on gentle stretching to relieve aches and balance the body energy. The rhythmic pressing movements release stiffness, pain, resistance, and disturbing emotions, assisting in the opening of the spiritual centers of the body, letting the energy travel to the deeper levels to provide profound healing. There are many centers in Thailand providing this distinctive Thai massage service.

Thai Massage


  • Savor Healthy Thai Cuisine: The Thai food is nurturing, delicious, and soothing just like its culture and people. From lavish restaurants to plenty street food shacks, Thailand, is indeed the best place to satisfy the hunger pangs to the fullest. Strong aromatic dishes with a spicy edge and demonstrating intricacies, Thai delicacies pleasurably pacify the taste buds and fortify the health of a person. Choose from a variety of delicious options like tangy tom yum goong, soup gang som pak ruam, veggie delight gang keow wan, and many more. Thailand is also the ideal place to feed your love for vegetarian and gluten-free products.

Thai Cuisine


  • Attend a Festival: The visitors are treated with groovy festivals and celebrations all around the year. Most of the festivals provide a unique insight into the local traditions and culture of Thailand. Depending upon your time of visit to Thailand, you can choose from a variety of splendid festivals like the Loi Krathong (lantern festival– November), Songkran (New Year Water festival– April), and the phenomenal Naga Fireball festival in October.

Thailand Festival

Whether you are a history buff, food junkie, or a yogi, hail to Thailand to live an assortment of experiences.