5 Exclusive Perks Of Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand

Eager to check off Thailand from your list of places-to-go-before-die? Why not sail to the “Land of Smiles” on the pretext of a Yoga Teacher Training in Asia. Just live your sweet summer reverie along sun-kissed coasts to the verdant heart of rainforests and get that mindful yoga vibe on too.

Inclusive ecologic stay, a complete catalog of Hatha Ashtanga yoga, meditation, and detox, from the best of global yoga-facilitating brands are now featuring big in Thailand and you can sign up at amazingly affordable rates anytime around the year. It’s a call for you to return to nature, reconnect with your disintegrated self, make a bunch of amaze balls friends, and exploit the many outstanding glees that Thailand stands for.

Here are five things about Thailand making YTTs special—

Food That Makes You Feel At Home

thai food

Lets us start with clarifying, those who haven’t been to Thailand but say they love Thai food, are bluffing. The sheer variety available at even the roadside shack-style joints can have you delightfully bewildered!

If you are booking a yoga retreat in Thailand, it essentially means getting served three times nutrition-rich platters, specifically prepared to sustain you through the days of training. But no reason why you should not be going out on days off from training and knock yourself out with delicious flavorsome fares at local places! Served with love and dance-like on the taste-buds, Thai food makes you feel at home.

Delights Of Equable Climate

The best yoga trips happen in Thailand. Mostly sunny and tropical humid, Thailand lets you pack away your jacket, bring on your straps and spaghetti tops and go out anywhere on any day like it’s a beach day, and you are always in the mood for a cold beer, or for strict yogis, some lime and lemon coolant.

The humidity works for a glow in your skin and the clamminess kind of adds to the sexy quotient. Sometimes it rains to make it all the more romantic as the forests glisten with shimmering droplets and the sea grows wild.

Warm And Friendly People All Over Town

thailand people

Thai people are the epitome of charming hospitality. They are jolly and full of warm welcome, undiscriminating to foreigners, and incredibly helpful. Trust them to be patient with the linguistic and cultural barrier, help you out in sickness, and create a safe environment where you can leave your laptop on the table when going to the loo.

Everything’s Dirt Cheap But Good!

From food shack delicacies to baubles and keepsake stone Buddha figurines, you will find amazing value for money in Thailand. Coming for yoga practice in Thailand will give you the opportunity to shop and shop till you drop!

Amidst Scenery That Looks Cut Out Of Picture Book

Aquamarine seas gushing and frothing against the desolate white sandy shores- won’t you just love to sit there looking on over the horizon forever? You will not realize how time flies by with the sun and the sea, going in the depths of green forest heart, rejoicing in a carnival, and yoga to keep you connected to Thailand.

Have a blissful and enlightening time-out during a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand.