5 Reasons To Go For Yoga Retreat In Thailand

The Tourism slogan of Thailand, ‘Amazing Thailand’, says a lot about the place. This beautiful country is situated in Southeast Asia region and is one of the most visited countries of Southeast Asia due to its serene beauty and nature. Thailand is the best place to rediscover oneself in the lap of nature, and nothing could be better than a Yoga retreat in Thailand

When it comes to the most exotic Yoga retreat destinations, Thailand is the place which comes to our mind. The country fits perfectly with our imaginations as it has placid ambiance, traditionalism, authentic and natural sources. Yoga and Thailand equal peace. According to George Cœdès, the word Thai means ‘free man’ and Yoga is also about getting free from impurities of body, mind, and soul.  Trying Yoga tours in Thailand could be one of the best decision of your life.

Nature’s Loop

A famous quote reads, ‘Nature always wears the colour of the spirit‘. Nature has the power to heal our mind and soul and Thailand is the place where we can easily get connected with mother nature. Just think about practicing the science of yoga in the pristine lap of nature and we are sure you already started feeling good. Meditation around cascading waterfalls or at sunny beaches will reconnect you with your soul. Those mesmeric sunrises and sunsets make you experience nature’s paradise. Thailand is the place where you can reconnect with your inner being.

Get Healed From The Best Yoga Gurus

Thailand is the abode to some of the eminent Yoga Gurus across the globe, who will help you heal through Yoga and meditation. Thailand is a treat for the travellers and wanderers while being a spiritual and yogic hub. Getting retreat from the experts will give you a life-changing experience, you can receive authentic teaching of yoga and gain a deeper insight of yourself. Apart from Yoga retreat, Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand is also an ideal way to know more about the heritage and tradition of the science of Yoga.

Insight Of Thailand’s Tradition, Culture, And Heritage

Yoga tours in Thailand not only heal you, it has much more to serve you. Thailand is rich in ancient heritage and it is the place which truly satisfies the urge of wandering souls and explorers. Thailand is a land which is undivided on religious grounds, where most of the people believe in the teachings of Lord Buddha. There are many ancient Buddhist temples and Gompas where people visit to meditate and explore the deep teachings of Buddha. Heritage sites like Ban Chiang, Sukhothai, Udon Thani, Ayutthaya, Phimai, Wat Phanan Choeng, to name a few, are some of the well-known historical places of Thailand.

Food For Soul And Body

Rightly said, good Food leads to good mood and Thailand have many things to serve on your plate. We all know how delicious and highly nutritious Thai food is, there are many people who have eternal love for Thai cuisine. The place is also known for its delectable street food and flavorsome seasonings made from healthy herbs and spices, which proves to be a treat to your taste buds as well as your health. A Yoga vacation in Thailand not only provides you  good health but also satisfies the foodie in you. The street food of the place serves a freshly prepared meal, no worries about health. Mouth-watering balanced food with organic veggies and fruits is served in Thailand.

Mindfulness: Personal Growth and Inner Peace

Visiting places like Thailand for Yoga retreats help you to reconnect with your inner self which leads to personal growth. It also detoxifies the impurities from our body and negativity from our mind and thoughts. A yoga retreat is the best way to find the ‘lost’ you. Nature, food, heritage, yoga Gurus, meditation, etc., contribute to the success of a Yoga tour in Thailand.

The whole curriculum of a Yoga retreat in Thailand is good for your body, mind, soul, while it also is a treat for the foodie and the wanderer in you.  Need more reasons to go for a Yoga retreat in Thailand? Go ahead and start planning one to experience it for yourself.