5 Thai Culture Specialties To Check Out On Your Yoga Trip To Thailand

Thailand is hot listed as one of the best places in the world to go for yoga, peace, and unending joy. Edging over the blue sea, nestled in the shade of tropical forests, one of the greatest flag bearers of Buddhist peace culture in the world, and carousing the year round in the vibrant culture of the people, Thailand is always brimming with happy vibes. There are just so many things to learn, absorb, and revel in here, that a month of Yoga in Thailand will be falling short. However, with a few more weeks added to your yoga retreat plan and also choosing a somewhat culturally comprehensive yoga course here in Thailand, you can tickbox the best Thai things to do.

Let’s take a quick look at how to make your yoga trip to Thailand great:


Delicious Thai Food

Thai Food

Oh yes, Thailand is a great place to eat to your heart’s fullest! The options are unlimited, from swanky restaurants, to lip-smacking street side shacks, to fresh farmer market produces. If you are determined to remain loyal to your yoga diet, Thailand is not going to be a bad place to start vegetarianism, and even going gluten-free if you choose.

Your taste buds are in for surprises, and delectably pleasurable ones with authentic local recipes like Vegan Thai Coconut Pumpkin Soup, the munchy awesomeness in Thai Special Corn Fritter, the typically delicious Vegetable Spring Rolls, Vegetarian Satay, and much more. The simplicity and oozing nutritious goodness of food in Thailand are going to be a natural stimulus for a yogic discipline.

You will be more judicious to choose a yoga place that has food inclusive in the retreat program and has a locally run kitchen. Look out for cooking classes when browsing for comprehensive yoga retreat programs, because you’ll then have amazing recipes to take home!

Thai Language Course

learn thai

The closest you can touch a culture and heritage is through its language in which all the emotions, history, and quality of its people remain entrenched. On your month-long stay in this South East Asian haven, you will actually be doing good to go for a basic or intermediate Thai language crash course.

While the script would be a little too much to master, most foreign visitors have a great time getting used to the English transliterated script of spoken Thai. Only true cultural travelers will know how great it feels to actually learn and tongue roll verses from a faraway culture to perfection!

If you are browsing it right and browsing it wide, there just might be some yoga centers coming up in your search which offer complimentary Thai language courses in their retreat or YTT programs.

Thai Yoga Massage or Nuat Thai

Thai Massage

A much-valued alternative therapy from the East, Thai Yoga Massage is incomparable in its holistic mind-body benefits. The system combines elements of Indian Ayurvedic notions, acupressure, and yoga. In this massage procedure, the body is essentially rocked to consciousness with hard and impactful strokes, with no oils or gels applied to smooth off the rubdowns.

Typically, during a Thai Yoga Massage session, you will be laid down in loose fitting comfortable clothes in a room scented with therapeutic aroma diffusers and instructed to a position in different yogic postures as the giver massages you with hard-hitting strokes, thus invigorating your body and mind through certain secret pressure points.

Many centers providing yoga in Thailand have in-house massage parlors to avail this service distinctive of Thai culture.

Buddhist Peace Meditation

Buddhist Peace Meditation

Thailand is an ancient home to Theravada Buddhism. The dictums of tolerance, peace, and spirituality can be found in the lived culture of Thai people. Meditation, the cornerstone of spiritual life is a thoroughly embedded practice in the Buddhist community of Thailand. Meditation teachings are widely available here, emphasizing the two interrelated branches of Buddhist Meditation—

  • Samatha- meaning calmness and concentration
  • Vipassana- meaning insight

Your yoga trip to Thailand will remain incomplete if these paths of inner calm are not explored.

Round the Year Groovy Feasts

Thailand Festive

Thailand is perennially festive. It’s an unqualified celebration of life here with vibrant festivities scheduled all around the year, some having the crazy factor higher than the others. Depending on the time of the year you are planning to visit and your temperament for a party, you can choose from numerous dazzling festivals organized all over Thailand, like—the Water Festival (April), Ghost Festival (June and July), Lantern Festival (November), and on will go the list.

Go, Culture Your Calm, Yoga, And Have A Blast In Thailand!