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Welcome to YogaRetreatInThailand, a space where a yogi’s dream of enjoying amazing Yoga moments comes true. We are a team of Yoga enthusiasts, globe explorers, and Thailand lovers. Yes, we love all those that are of Thai root. The portal Yogaretreatinthailand.com is designed to serve as an ideal platform for people, who want to explore Yoga in Thailand. We are committed to offering you everything from the best places for Yoga in Thailand to the best Yoga retreats to the best Yoga TTCs in the country all under one platform. Delve deep into self-awareness, reconnect with the real ‘you’ and indulge in pampering self-care with our assortment of holistic experiences in ‘The Land of Smiles’.

"Yoga is not just a repetition of few postures – it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life.” - Amit Ray

We Are a Family

More than a team or a group of people, we are one family- the one YRT family. Like all other families around the world, we too have an identity. We believe in just one thing- the bliss of Yoga and belong to the religion of Karma. Each member of the family is a devoted yogi and passionate spiritualist. Become a part of our diversified family, whose members are from all corners of the world. Feel blessed while living in the incredible aroma of the Buddhist culture and living a holistic life as a part of the YRT community.

“Yoga is about addition, the addition of every positive element on the planet. Thus, we seek to include you in our affectionate home of Yoga.”

Our Soul Belongs To…

Fascinated by the rhapsodic chant of mantras from thousands of Thai monasteries, we represent all those spiritual things that are yogic. We believe everything that belongs to the Siamese way of Yoga. In the luscious flora of Chiang Mai, by the sacred flow of Chao Phraya, and in the vicinity of Emerald Buddha - these are among the places where our heart and soul belongs to. This is why we welcome each and every Yoga fanatic, who loves to relish the spiritual charm of Thailand. All those seeking a sacred dip into the yogic river in the world’s most thrilling Yoga destination will be embraced with open arms.

“There is no better place than the land of smiles to witness the blessings of Buddha pouring so abundantly.”

We Are On a Mission

Each and every moment, we live the dream of making this world a yogic society. We are on a mission of transforming this globe into a spiritual planet. At YogaTrainingInThailand, we inspire people to take the yogic path and strengthen their zeal of exploring the depth of the ancient science. Spiritual empowerment is what our philosophies get merged into. We aspire to connect Yoga, nature, travel, and mindfulness to create spellbinding moments. Living with our highly passionate Yoga team, you learn how to dedicate your life to the global Yoga community.