Wellness Spa Retreats

Unwind the hidden energies within you with a break from the regular stress and strain with Vinyasa form of slow-paced yoga and deep breathing pranayama to help the ever-thoughtful mind to calm.

Relax programs are recommended to those looking for that perfect wellness break to release the knots and tensions from the muscles, slow down the palpitations and feel the still state of the mind and soul as water.

Thai styled massages with aroma oils and complimenting body treatments would leave you feeling mesmerized.

Your wellness program will involve:

Holism – your health and well-being are the outcomes of the constant interaction between the several natural dimensions of life and wellness. Each dimension is interrelated with the others. The aim is to be conscious of your self as a whole and complete person, living life as fully as possible.

Balance – while acknowledging the constantly changing nature of your life, you look to balance it by giving significant attention to each of the dimensions.

Lack of sufficient attention to any, one dimension will result in less-than-optimal development as a person, and may possibly lead to chronic unhappiness.

Self-Responsibility – a person who owns up to his or her responsibility for health and happiness and does not allow others to take control over decisions he/she needs to make for him/herself.

Self-responsibility presupposes self-awareness, including the process by which one becomes increasingly more aware of both the causes and consequences of his/her behavior.

Positive and Proactive – wellness requires primarily positive perspectives and values by which to live. It also requires a strong sense of purpose and conscious, deliberate action.

These are our starting assumptions, and they have stood well through time. However, they provide merely a simple framework. What you put inside that framework is totally up to you.


Enjoy your healthy Satvik meals every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our sets are well balanced, light but nutritious and very tasty. Losing weight, feeling light and fresh without starving or missing anything.

You'll also enjoy our special concoction of life-drinks, made to soothe your insides and tantalize your taste buds. 


Superior Jacuzzi Villa (Single Occupancy)

These 58 square meter Villas provide guest with a spacious, large and private space.

A comfortable seating area, spacious al-fresco bathrooms with an outside garden rain-shower and a terrace, all designed to ensure an enjoyable stay.

The rooms are well fitted out with a variety of unique interior features, designed by John Underwood.

Warm tones, rich colors, heavy wooden furniture and mostly natural materials used, combined with an almost timeless design, make you feel comfortable right away. 

Individual air-conditioning. Villas are designed to be “naturally cool”, with very good insulation and air ventilation through the roof. Even without air-conditioning, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. 

  • Outside bathroom with private Jacuzzi, big rain shower, and additional hand shower.
  • Mini bar with large selection of drinks (near supermarket minibar prices).
  • International cable TV, 32″ or 40″ flat screen LED
  • Wireless broadband internet (free), direct dial telephone.
  • DVD/BluRay player for your entertainment. Selection of movies available at the reception (free).
  • Private terrace with coffee table and hammock.
  • Hairdryer coffee and tea cooker, electronic safety box.
  • Large double bed 2 x 2 meters or twin beds 1 x 2 meters each.
  • Dimmable Lights, High Ceilings, Large Chandelier
  • Complimentary daily drinking water, slippers, bathrobes, torch, umbrellas


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