How To Apply Visa For Thailand

A great chunk of Thailand’s revenues comes directly from tourism around the country’s width. And why not, it’s a gorgeous land with vibrant cultures with a heritage of Buddhist spiritualism. From around the world, spiritual seekers, leisurely holidayers, honeymooners, and cultural tourists flock to the ‘land of smiles’ all the year long. So, you can guess, obtaining a tourist visa in the country is pretty much uncomplicated. But just for the sake of summing things up, let us see what it takes to make a travel plan for Thailand.

Going to Thailand as a Tourist– This means you are visiting the country for the cause of sightseeing and personal delights. This means you won’t be allowed to conduct business within the country’s ambit. A tourist visa will ensure that you are allowed to explore on your own and go on excursions in the kingdom spanning over a period of minimum 15-30 days. After a month’s stay, the visa can be renewed.

The Tourist Visa– The tourist visa is a stamp of the permit or an official document issued for granting the applicant rights of Thailand tourism. If you are a national of certain specific countries, the seal will be made on your passport right upon arrival at the airport. Alternatively, for some countries, the stamp can only be issued from the Royal Thai embassy back in their home country or through the consulate of the Thailand government located in those nations. Also, there are a select few countries which do not require a visa and can enjoy exemptions if certain criteria by the Thailand embassy are sufficiently met.


Meeting the conditions mentioned below is necessary for Thai visa requirements –

  1. There must be a valid passport issued in your name. It shouldn’t be completely filled up. There must be at least 2 blank pages for stamping the entry and exit visa stamps.
  2. The validity of your passport must have a validity date that extends over the number of days you’re making your visa for at least by six months
  3. You must own a copy of the filled-out visa application form
  4. You have to show proof of flight bookings and the itinerary of your travel in the Thai country for all the days of your stay in Thailand
  5. There must be a copy of your return ticket from the Thai country to either your home country or to your next international stop
  6. Your financial ability will come under the scanner during your visa application. You must show that you have the ability to support yourself in the Thai country and provide for your return transportation. The financial mark is at least THB 20,000 or INR 37,851.20 per head when visiting Thailand.

Steps for Application

1: Download the visa application form from the Embassy of Thailand website or obtain it from there itself.

2: Fill out the application online and save the print of the same.

3: Collect all the documents mentioned to further your visa application

  1. Provide the application with your recent photograph
  2. Check for the visa application fee
  3. Submit the form and pay the fee

After your application has been duly processed, you will be notified for its collection. The receipt or invoice has to be presented for collection of the visa. You also have the option to receive it by courier.

Get going to Thailand then and who knows maybe you will love the ‘land of smiles’ so much that there would be a come back for the Thai Retirement Visa.