How to Find Best Yoga Retreat in Thailand


Yoga – an escape from all the chaos of daily life. We often feel the need to refresh our spirit, revive our enthusiasm for living, and rediscover balance in our life – if you’re feeling the same way nowadays, then a yoga retreat is what you need.

If you think that yoga retreats are only for advanced level practitioners, you are mistaken. Just like yoga classes, yoga retreats are available in a variety to fulfill your needs. You just need to spend some time searching, what is right for you. Here is the guide to help you choose the best yoga retreat in Thailand:


All over the world, plenty of options are available to choose from. You may choose your favorite place for a yoga retreat or a place you are interested in discovering. It all depends on you. For example - are you a city person or nature person? You want to experience the mountains or beaches in Thailand. You may choose a location with diverse activity options. You may go to Phuket or Hua Hin for experiencing soothing calm beaches, or you may experience the charm of mountains. It’s all up to you.


Make sure you feel comfortable in the presence of your yoga instructor. Collecting some information about the instructor will be helpful for you, like how many years of experience they have in guiding yoga retreats. Don’t delay to ask for client testimonials. If you already know your instructor from the local circuit, make sure you want to learn yoga from the same teacher away from the studio setting. Do you feel safe, cared for, or supported in his presence? What is his depth of experience with the language, culture, retreat center, country, and site? This is your vacation, and you must be sure about joining the yoga retreat with a good instructor.

Focus of yoga retreat

What are you looking for? Are you looking forward to losing your weight or let go of the old emotions or simply want to spend some quality time with your loved ones doing yoga along with excursion and fun activities? Read the description of the retreat theme very carefully to avoid any sort of disappointment. The main focus of a yoga retreat is to bring together like-minded people so that you can build a sense of connection with others, and you may enhance your experience.


When you have a clear idea about how much you want to spend on a yoga retreat? It makes easier for you to choose according to your budget. You may look for yoga retreats, which includes pretty much everything except airfare. This will help you to get a rough idea about your total expense, especially when your meals and lodging are not included in the retreat package. Don’t intoxicate by cheaper price always remember there is a reason behind it, don’t compromise with the quality. Choose quality over quantity.

Duration and time

You may go for 2 night’s weekend trip to 10 days long yoga retreat. Don’t assume that the longer you’ll stay, the more it will be benefited for you. Sometimes we only need a weekend getaway to rejuvenate. Don’t look for long term and expensive plans. If you’re exhausted and need a vacation, start planning your retreat today.

Size of the retreat

Before clicking the buy button, make sure you check the minimum and the maximum number of companions on the retreat. If you’re not comfortable with a big group like 40 to 50 people then choose a retreat which has a comfortable range of 10 to 15 people. If you’re looking forward to spend a calm vacation with less noise and want to grow a friendship as well, you may go for the retreat which includes only a few people. The extra activities are influenced by the size of the group. You don’t want unwanted noise and chaos; go for a trip with less number of people.

Be open minded

The most crucial aspect of a yoga retreat is to have an open mind. Be open to every aspect of your yoga retreat. You might make some lifelong friends or you might not. You might find some new schedule or find a completely different culture and environment. Don’t have expectations. Some people consider retreats as a turning point of their life or some take it casually like a vacation. It depends on your views, so choose your upcoming retreat accordingly and be ready for the little surprises.

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