How to Find Best Yoga Teacher Training program in Thailand


The world is making way for yoga. The holistic practice is almost like a trend that is gaining momentum and is spreading everywhere. There are many places in the world that teach yoga to beginners as well as future yoga teachers. Some of the best destinations that were till date known only for their vacation spots have cleared some exotic spaces for accommodating yoga and its practices 
Yoga is an ancient holistic healing and enlightening system that was devised in India. Ancient yogis, who were spiritually enlightened, came up with a way to dig deep into the human psyche. They dug into the human psyche to reach a realm of a person’s existence that was beyond all things that were materialistically attached to the man-made constructs and ideas of behavior, personality and attachments to reach this spiritual realm of existence. 
In today’s date, yoga has survived as a remedy of people’s daily mental and physical worries. It has risen as a system that encourages the holistic healing of a person’s mental, physical and spiritual state of being. This is why yoga is spreading like wild fire every day. It has evidently helped people to achieve a sense of balance and contentment in their perception towards life; along with encouraging people to live a healthier and a much happier lifestyle. 
Holiday destinations such as Nepal, India and Thailand have come up with rigorous  in this matter. In fact Thailand is becoming one of the most famous yoga vacation destinations. As the trend of yoga vacations is gaining popularity as well, let’s understand what a yoga vacation really is. 
Imagine you are on an exotic beach that looks like you must have stepped foot on paradise, and you’re sipping on your natural coconut water after a rejuvenating yoga class in a space that was fringed by palm trees. Now you have the entire day at your leisure and you can really and truly spend it just for yourself. Take a nap, collect your thoughts about your life, contemplate about pressing issues, get pampered by the retreat staffs and travel to the most interesting localities and interact with the locals. This is an average yoga vacation for you. 
But how do you choose the best yoga teacher training schools in Thailand? Let us understand some important aspects to consider before you choose a school that teaches yoga teachers.  

1. Choose an affiliated school:

If you are on your way to achieve a yoga teacher certification, be sure that the school you want to get the certification from is affiliated with the yoga alliance so that your yoga certification can be recognized internationally all over the world. This is a measure that you can take only if you are iron-willed about making your career as a yoga teacher. There are many schools that have good yoga teacher training programs but may not be affiliated by with the yoga alliance. So be on a lookout for that factor when choosing a school.

A legit yoga alliance has the following framework as a requirement for a 200-400 hour program:

•    Alignment of asanas 

•    Anatomy

•    Sequencing

•    Philosophy

•    Usage of props and modification of existing asanas

•    Hands on adjustment

•    Teaching practices

•    Meditations and mindfulness practice.

2. Does the school tend to your schedule?

Many a times you will be wanting to take a course at a certain school that does not match with your schedule of things. Such as holiday period, situations affecting your life, your holiday patterns etc. one should not forget that a  yoga teacher training asks for a plenty of commitments; Commitments of time, energy, personal space and not forgetting a ton of money. A yoga teacher training program expects you to learn the correct way of doing yoga, methods of teaching yoga, and assignments to complete your training. When you are in that situation make sure that you have a workable schedule to match the schedule that the school offers. 

3. Thoroughly go through what you are paying for :

A yoga teacher training course costs a lot of money, which include factors such as accommodation on site or offsite, meal plans, the guest teachers teaching you, workshops that are specially conducted in a few sessions, materials and props used for your training etc. if you are travelling to Thailand or any other place for a yoga teacher training, be sure to know what all you are paying for. 

4. What style of yoga are you looking to train in:

Not a new thing for yoga enthusiasts when yoga can have a lot of styles. You have to choose the school according to the styles of yoga that they deal with and if the content you are looking for I training is present in that course. 

For example a yoga alliance accredited course has the following requirements in a program: anatomy and your physiology, lifestyle and ethical factors, techniques training and practice, yoga philosophy, teaching methodology and a few elective hours.

5. Is the school a reputable school or just majorly commercial:

You will know well about any school just by having a short conversation with the past students and their experiences. Whether a school is well-established, how many schools and branches does it have, how many trainings have they performed and how many students have graduated from the school. 
You may even take a few more measures by researching about the teachers that will be teaching you. This will help you know your teacher before hand and in a better manner and also tell you a lot about how they lead their lives and if they are established teachers.

Taking these few step will ensure that you find a good yoga teacher training in Thailand. And so may your journey be fruitful and flowing.