How to Find the Best Spa in Thailand


Blessed with scenic coastlines, forested island and hills, and communities full of beautiful, hospitable people, Thailand has what it takes to be an amazing spa country. You ought to travel with all your heart and soak in the beautiful healing vibes of the country when in Thailand at winsome spa resorts handpicked from beautiful locations in Koh Samui to Phuket, Bangkok and Chaing Mai.

The best spa retreat in Thailand got to have the following telling qualities:

Thai Massage by Experts

Thai massage is a traditional method aimed at greater healing of the mind and body. The style combines acupressure applied at target pressure points, enabling better circulation and the healing principles of Ayurveda like cleanse with water and herbal oleation massage.

At heavenly spa retreats like the Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa in Koh Samui, you will be treated with rejuvenating Thai massage sessions of nearly 200 minutes of pure bliss! The goodness of nature will seep into your skin through this massage with floral essences, coconut scrub, wrap, lavishly applied in abundance through a deep tissue thai massage. This will be followed by a purifying shower, floral foot ritual, and more of White Coconut scrub exfoliation, lastly concluded with relaxing massage and refreshment.

Alternative Healing Therapies

If you are suspectful of alternative healing methods, a reinvigorating vacation at one of the best spa retreat in Thailand is going to be all what it takes to make a U-turn of your opinion! Here is a brief look into AHTs you can expect at a Thai spa centre--

Vibration Therapy- In this method, the therapist will utilize a massage chair like seat where you shall rest and have multi-frequency acoustic vibrations stimulate your nerves. No, it’s not crude kneading! The subtle vibrations are set to music and a probable 30-minutes session will send pleasurable shivers down your spine!

Crystal Healing- Crystals are about colors and light, supposed to have healing properties combined. ‘John of God’-- a self-styled Brazilian healer developed the crystal light bed for effective healing with these powers of crystal. You are going to be laid down, with seven colored lights suspended over your bed with specific chakra points on your body corresponding with the lights. Tensions and negative energy causing blockages in your system is believed to be healed with crystals. Take a leap of faith and go for it to see for yourself what really happens!

Ayurveda- Ayurvedic alternative therapy involves major dietary modifications and lifestyle changes for healing. You will be introduced to herbal drugs and herbalized oils with minimum to no side effects for specific therapeutic results. Ayurvedic cure for diabetes, throid, and other chronic issues have proved of use and you must try them. Thailand Spa resorts offering 3 ayurvedic meals per day programs can actually set you on the right foot for a good and healthier lifestyle. 

Reflexology- A much accoladed stress alleviating technique among alternating healing modalities, reflexology involves application of pressure on areas on the feet and hands. The theory operating here is, the pressure points of the hands and feet correspond to different organs and systems of the body. You would be helped to have reflexology in your Thailand Spa program if chronic body pain and psychological syndromes have been your problem for some time now.

Private Consultations and Personalized Programs

Can you relate to coming out of group yoga or wellness habits classes feeling what has been taught in the class doesn’t really apply to you? It may be a specific pattern of mind-body wellness issue that therapist fail to address, leaving individual participants feeling isolated in group therapy. One marker of the best spa retreat in Thailand has got to be the space for private consultation and personalized program where you can talk about what your specific condition. Personalized program at a Thai spa can be anything from acupuncture for back pain or rehydrating derma care for damaged skin.

De-stress With Meditation and Pranayama

Meditation should be integral to any wellness program as its common that psychological stress and fears might give rise to physical symptoms. Meditation with breathing exercises can actually rid you of symptoms like persistent back pains, regular digestive issues, low immunity to seasonal flu, lethargy and fatigue, and the list goes on. The best spa retreat in Thailand is the one with a detailed every-day program of meditation and breathing exercises.

Traditional and Contemporary Techniques

The Best Spa Treatment in Thailand is often a cocktail of many elements. The traditional wisdom of ancient India’s Ayurveda is integrated with Thai healing massage techniques of the orient involving the manual pressure tactics of thumbs and palms. Self-propelled yogic wellness practices with asana and meditation is introduced with care on a Thai spa retreat vacation, which for some people become the foundational stone for a lifelong practice.

Spectacular Views and Luxurious Accommodation

To soak in the happy vibes, sounds, colors, and laughter of Thailand, it’s always worth it to invest at a truly luxurious spa program. Take for example, the Chiva-Som spa accommodation situated in the royal city of Hua Hin. Deluxe accommodation with blissfully serene ocean views of the Gulf of Thailand, spacious and airy meditation rooms open to the cool sea breeze, outdoors steam, sauna, jacuzzi, beauty therapy massage treatments with Thai massage, Chiva-Som massage, Oriental Scalp Massage, whole-body aromatherapy, silk facial, anti-ageing treatment and more make up the whole nine yards of the luxury beauty spa experience here.

Remember, when in Thailand- ‘the land of smiles’, you owe yourself a good pampering!

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