How to Join Yoga retreat on a Budget in Thailand


Thailand is a dream destination for Yoga. Boasting a long history of Buddhism, the country is one of the biggest centers of Yoga holidays. People from all corners of the planet set their foot on Thai soil to experience the breathtaking yogic aroma of Thailand. Thanks to the vast globalization of Yoga in recent times, the Southeast Asian nation has become an even bigger Yoga center. From green vegetation to picturesque waterfalls, the Siamese land wins the heart and soul of visitors in every way possible. Holidaymakers love meditating on splendid Thai beaches. Retreat centers are full of health lovers and Yoga fanatics. A complete amalgamation of natural beauty, yogic delight, and excitement can be witnessed here in the land of smiles.

Since, there is so much demand for Yoga in Thailand, a number of travelers (mainly solo retreaters), want to have a pocket-friendly retreat in the country. If you are also in search of a budget Yoga retreat in Thailand, take a look at a few suggestions below. These points will help you enjoy an ideal Yoga retreat at an affordable price in Thailand.

1. Book your retreat in advance

The first thing one should do before landing in Thailand is to book a retreat program and that too in advance. Last minute rush is always better avoided. Whether you talk about quality or price, you do not get pleased with what you get in a hurry. Thus, it is advised to plan your vacation nearly a couple of months before the retreat date, if you want the best program at the best price. Most of the Yoga retreats in Thailand get filled before time. In addition, you should be very conscious about the facilities a Yoga house is offering. You find many retreats at pocket-friendly prices, but they are without accommodation and meals. It is important also check out their websites to know more about the program.

2. Save money in accommodation and food

Be wise! Everybody advises this. Especially when you are going to a country that you are entirely unknown to, apply your wise sense. You need to be very sensible if you want to save a few pennies. If the retreat isn’t pocket-friendly, you have the option to make it one. Most of the Yoga resorts are quite lavish and luxurious. They normally cost you more than your pocket size. In such cases, it is recommended to book only the program and stay somewhere else. Offers and discounts are always available at nearby restaurants, from where you can have your meals. A number of travel websites offer discounts on accommodation which you must be conscious of. You can also choose to live in a hostel.

3. Choose the location wisely

Yes, it is true that most of the people want to go Koh Samui, Bangkok, Phuket, etc. for a Yoga retreat. But the fact is they overlook other fascinating Yoga sites in the country. After thinking wisely for a couple of minutes, you will realize that you can get similar facilities at a cheaper price in places like Chiang Mai, Rayong, and Samut Songkhram. Nowadays, these places are gaining much popularity when it comes to Yoga retreats. Chiang Mai, in particular, has become a huge Yoga destination, thanks to the luxury of Mother Nature in the Northern Province. If you love complete silence, go to Chiang Mai or Lampang. You will get many peaceful retreats at an affordable price. If you think, beaches are your priorities, like people enjoy in Phuket, Rayong and Chon Buri provinces are the best.

4. Travel in non-peak seasons

Probably the smartest decision to enjoy an affordable Yoga retreat in Thailand is traveling the nation in off-season. You will get fewer crowds, not much rush, and most importantly prices are adjustable in an awesome way. Winter months (from November to February) are considered high travel season in Thailand. Thailand is full of tourists from all over the globe in these months, making everything costly. Of course, the beauty of weather is a plus point during this time. You can save your pocket by booking a Yoga retreat program in the months from April to October. Many solo travelers can be seen roaming around the roads and the place looks so beautiful. In fact, Yoga retreats in the best places like Phuket and Koh Phangan can be booked at low prices. You just need to check their websites regularly.