Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to every use made on the website. On the website, as created by YogaRetreatinThailand, you can find and make bookings for yoga experiences across Thailand.

If you continue using the website after the Terms and Conditions have been amended/supplemented, you give you consent to the same. If you don’t wish to acknowledge the revision and enhancements made in the policy, the only way out is to cease using the website.

YogaRetreatinThailand attempts to provide the platform with due consideration at the best of its capacity. When the user accepts that the platoform, only contains the functionalities and other attributes as it contains presently at the moment of your use- as is and as available. Every single use or access to the platform is for your own risk and responsibility.

YogaRetreatinThailand reserves all right to revise or make a procedural and technical modification to the website and in the policies, without any way becoming answerable to your or without any prior notice.

Platform Use

In accessing the website, a user can view all offers published by the organizers, which also alluded to as experience offers, make a reservation, submit a request, or raise a query in regards for such offers and even write reviews. A reservation made through us frames a binding agreement between the user and the organizer if the organizer accepts the reservation request by the user. Requests, however, are non-authoritative. You can without any hesitation contact YogaRetreatinThailand in case of question or query related to the organizer, offers, booking or reservation request.

The yoga experience offers are liable to the organizer’s terms and conditions, as well as all agreements among you and the organizer. YogaRetreatinThailand shall never be a part or get involved with any agreement between the user and organizer. We advise all the users to carefully read terms and conditions by the organizer, since they may entail legal obligations and it is your duty to adhere the same. YogaRetreatinThailand acknowledge no obligations whatsoever for any choices made by the user based on the content provided on the website and/or the organizers, except if expressed otherwise in the Terms and Conditions policies.

For the right execution of the reservation is the sole responsibility of you and your organizer, which from your side, incorporates the right provision of the required data in making the bookings. In order to view, change or cancel your bookings, please refer the confirmation email, where you find all the relevant guidelines for the needed process.

You are solely responsible and liable for the information submitted by you, which includes the reviews written by you. As you’re able to upload the content on the website without any restrictions, you assure that the content is legitimate and doesn’t encroach upon any party’s privacy rights, intellectual property right or any other rights, and you indemnify YogaRetreatinThailand from any claim by the third party in this respect.

You also assure that you don’t submit the content that includes any illicit activities, or activities that are non-ethical, contrary to morality or public order, which includes, however isn’t restricted to content that relates to hate speech, is intended to promote or sell firearms or drugs, is violent in any capacity or qualifies as or transmits unsolicited or undesirable material or content. We do not assure that your content will be correctly, completely and/or constantly be accessible on the website

At last, when using YogaRetreatinThailand website you shall adhere to the following tenets. You may not:
  • Use the website with a device which contains viruses that include - worms, bots, Trojan horses or other vindictive programming software that can change, damage, harm, debilitate, contaminate or delete the platform or make it inaccessible or unavailable;
  • Purposely include manual or computerized programming, devices or other procedures to slither, spider or scrape any content available on the website;
  • Replicate or decompile the website or to apply reverse engineering to it, except if allowed by mandatory law;
  • Remove and/or to evade safety measure or technical limitations including restrictions to the use of the website.
Warranties and Indemnifications

With the exception of as explicitly provided in these Terms and Conditions, YogaRetreatinThailand makes no guarantees of any sort, whether implies, express, statutory or something else, including but not constrained to any guarantees of merchantability or readiness for a specific purpose, quality, integrity, security or accuracy of the website. Furthermore, YogaRetreatinThailand doesn’t ensure that the website prompt to a successful yoga travel experience or to the accomplishment of any abilities, skills, level and/or experience related to any particular yoga travel experience.

The conclusion and execution of booking, including any payment obligation resulting, therefore, as well as the cancellation of the bookings, is the sole responsibility of you and the chosen organizer. You indemnify YogaRetreatinThailand from all the claims put together by the organizer or any third party that is related to the booking made by you with the particular organizer, as well as to the payment of such booking. In case any issues emerge between you and your organizer, YogaRetreatinThailand assures to provide assistance to the best of its abilities. Despite being previously mentioned, YogaRetreatinThailand ensures that you get a refund of the paid amount) when you cancel the bookings in conformity with the organizer’s terms and conditions regarding cancellation.

You ensure that you shall not utilize the website in a way that:

  • encroaches the rights of YogaRetreatinThailand or a third party such as other users or organizers, including but not constrained to IP rights in relation to privacy protection;
  • is in opposition to any current regulation or legislation; or
  • is contrary to any provision in these Terms and Conditions.
Usage of Photos and Videos

Photographs taken during the program, workshop, training, retreats or classes may be used in a promotional activity on social media or at the organizer’s website. By consenting to these Terms and Conditions trainees give us full authority for this information to be used and released.

YogaRetreatinThailand holds no obligation for using photographs and videos taken by the trainees of the training, the teachers or other students.

Photographs and videos taken by trainees during the program are considered to be for learning and personal use only. Sharing the information with the third party or for monetary advancement without prior and full consent of YogaRetreatinThailand is strictly prohibited.

The connection to other Websites

We are not liable for the practices employed by the other websites linked to or from our Website or the data or information contained thereafter. Links to other website are provided exclusively as accommodating connections. Please remember that when you use a link to go from this website to another, our Privacy Policy is no longer in effect. Browsing and association on any other website, which has a link on ours, is subject to that website’s own guidelines and policies. Please go through the policies and rules before proceeding.

Use of Materials

The Logo, Trademark and other web content of the website and information of organizer present on the website are the property of YogaRetreatinThailand. Using the data with the third party or for monetary benefits without full consent of YogaRetreatinThailand is strictly prohibited.

Policy Modification

It may be necessary for us to review and revise our Terms and Conditions. YogaRetreatinThailand reserves the rights and authority to survey and make needful changes in these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. The revised policies will be posted here.

Program Modification

The organizers are responsible for any kind of alteration in their programs and curriculum, and to choose the desired teacher or staff depending on the requirement and availability per training.

Contact Information

If you have any queries about the Terms of Service, get in touch with us through our contact page.