Top 10 Yoga Places to Visit in Thailand

With yoga in Thailand, escape from the chaos and responsibility and head towards majestic tropical islands, beaches, vibrant culture, opulent palaces, and ornate temples.

Imagine relaxing on the beach soaking your feet in the sea waves while relishing the enchanting beauty all around after a rejuvenating session of yoga, seems dreamy isn’t it? Make your dream come true by commencing the yogic escapade in the ancient land by choosing this marvelous destination for a soulful getaway.

Thailand for Yoga Getaways

Thailand is one of the ancient yogic lands which allure yogic nomads, wanderers, spirituality seekers, and adventure lovers from across the globe every year. Crediting to being rooted with the yogic history, the country has many places with yogic legacy and choosing the right one is essential.

So, here we are listing down top ten yoga places to visit in Thailand this year for an amazing traveling and transforming experience.


1. Bangkok

Yoga Place in Bangkok

Starting from the capital, Bangkok is one apt place in Thailand for the yogis. Though the place is surrounded by chaos and bustling with sound, there are many charming yoga studios and prominent schools to excel in your practice. Healing centers, massage centers, and Ayurveda therapies are a perfect way to unwind. One can take a two-hour train ride to Ayutthaya from Bangkok for experience castaway at an ancient land with archaeology and ancient temples.


2. Chiang Mai

Yoga Place in Chiang Mai

Considered to be the best of all the places to visit in Thailand for yoga and meditation, Chiang Mai is a destination that is nothing less than a fantasy land. With slightly cooler weather, green hills and plenty of yoga activities happening around, the place attracts yogis from different parts of the country as well as abroad. Along with the yoga practice enjoy visiting temples, participate in adventure activities, go for cheap shopping, and relish Thai food at local cafes and roadside vendors.


3. Koh Samui

Yoga Place Koh Samui

Whether you want to relax or meditate on a silken sandy beach, indulge in some adventure in the thick jungles, rejuvenate at a wellness-luxurious spa, or doze off in a hammock amidst pristine nature, Koh Samui has it all. An ideal destination in Thailand for yoga and other replenishing activities, there is no place better than Koh Samui to restore health to the maximum. Meet the best of practitioners, enroll at a prominent school and cultivate a deep sense of serenity.


4. Koh Phangan

Yoga Place in Koh Phangan

A beautiful island for yoga getaways and training, Koi Phangan is blessed with calm turquoise sea, impressive cliffs, swaying palms, and easy lifestyle. Popular for its nature, vibrant yoga spaces and leisure homes, the place is peaceful which bestows you time for self-reflection and introspection. The land of a number of yoga centers, retreats, and more, Koh Phangan is intriguing and allows you to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.


5. Pai

Yoga Place in Pai

A lesser known place, Pai is a small quintessential riverside village for the yoga lovers.  The place gives you hippie culture vibe where the air is fresh and life moves slowly. Surrounded by mountains and scenic sights, Pai is the place for organic eating, relaxation, backpacking, yoga retreat, waterfalls, and a healthy lifestyle.


6. Hua Hin

Yoga Place in Hua Hin

Traverse to the place where the city meets the sea, Hua Hin is a lively place that boasts of a harmonious ambiance, excellent yoga centers, best cafes with international cuisines, and more. It allures a lot of travelers and there are plenty of boutique yoga centers with the approach of both traditional and modern yoga to bestow clients with a unique experience. The health center of this place is known for its food, relaxing therapies, holistic atmosphere and also takes you for detox sessions.


7. The Islands

Yoga Place in The Islands

The country is blessed with mesmeric islands of all sizes and natural serenity in both The Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Some of them are widely popular for beach parties, and others boast of tranquil atmosphere that sets the perfect ambiance for yoga and meditation. Along with, you can relish adventure activities here, go on cheap shopping spree, have cultural interaction, and more.


8. Mae Hong Son

Yoga Place in Mae Hong Son

Another lesser-known calm place settled along the border with Burma, Mae Hing Son fulfills your craving for a castaway. The place is popular for the green province, caves, waterfall, trekking, and relishing Thai, Burmese and Karen culture. A wonderful place for yoga and meditation, Mae Hong Son is for those travelers who want to escape the crowd.


9. Sri Thanu

Yoga Place in Sri Thanu

Sri Thanu Bay is a volcanic peninsula that is famous for its coral reef, snorkelling, and Thai food. Sri Thanu Bay is known for the Orion Healing Center that attracts yoga tourist from faraway places.  It is a great escaping destination from the hustle of mainstream cities and overcrowded islands. Relish the opportunity to have an amazing sunbath, and to delve deeper within through the practice of meditation and yoga to reconnect with the true self.


10. Railay

Yoga Place in Railay

Not an island technically but feels like one, Railay in Krabi is surrounded with mountains and is only accessible by small boat and is a major rock climbing destination. The limestone cliff, white-sand beaches, blue water, hidden coves, and the picturesque views are everything that relaxes your soul and makes you forgets all the worries and stress.

Traverse to this quintessential land famous for yoga. Thailand is beautiful and replenishing in every sense. Be there and have a great time.