Top 5 Reasons to Go For Meditation Retreat In Thailand


Travel to this lively place for an exotic experience, Thailand is a country renowned for its tropical beaches, mesmeric island, palatable food, and nightlife. An ancient yogic hub, the country is a perfect destination for people looking for enlightenment and an escape from the world to find the true self. People from different nooks and corners of the world are welcome here to explore themselves - to upheave spiritual awakening and to get rejuvenated.

Thailand is a magical place with nature in abundance and traveling here for a soulful escapade gives you a whole new perspective of life.

It is said that some experiences during a travel shapes the rest of your life and a yoga expedition has the power to transform it completely.

A yoga retreat is a buzz word in the fitness and tourism industry, a perfect getaway that witnesses an amazing merger of health and traveling.

For the term retreat, we can say, it is a period of withdrawal for self-realization, self-awakening and igniting the consciousness to form a connection with the spiritual being through various yogic practices. Yogic holidays are of many types, serving the purpose of every kind of traveler be it a spiritually seeker, adventure enthusiast, fitness fanatic, Ayurveda lover, etc.

If you’re someone who is looking for complete peace, enlightenment and finding true self, then a meditation retreat is something you need to do. Meditation is a way to look inward resting the mind and reaching the state of harmony and complete awareness.

A meditation retreat is one of the most beautiful things you can do to yourself. The getaway stabilizes your emotions, clears the feeling, provides deep relaxation, heals you throughout, and sweeps away overwhelming thoughts that is one of the biggest distractions of life.

Here are five amazing reasons to pack your bags for a soulful escapade in Thailand.

Get Healed with Nature

Location plays a major role in a retreat and should boast of diverse nature, tranquil environment and divine atmosphere. Thailand is an ancient yogic land encircled with lush green rainforest, tropical palm-lined beaches, iconic islands, emerald green sea water, mesmeric flora and fauna, ornate temples, ancient Buddhist shrines, and everything magnificent that inspires your yoga and meditation practice. Nature has the healing power, so has meditation and together they form an incredible team that restores health upheaving the body, mind and soul. The diverse terrains of Thailand make it a perfect place for a soulful meditation retreat. 

Embrace the Spiritual Self

Spirituality empowers the being to ignite the light of consciousness and retain direction towards the true aim of enlightenment. Thailand an ancient land with a yogic legacy not only provides best yoga training and retreat programs, but is also considered the best for spiritual sojourn. There is something in the air of the country that tickles a distinctly spiritual feeling. During your meditation retreat, you get to learn about the overarching importance of spirituality which is intertwined in the culture of Thailand. The divine aura you feel in and around during the practice make you more connected from within, and embrace the spiritual being.

Gain Perspective

For those who are living a fast-paced lifestyle, it can be challenging to focus on the self and on the spiritual practice while juggling up with hundreds of things at once. It seems that modern yogis fit their practice amidst the hectic schedule and responsibilities which refrains them from garnering the true essence of yoga practice. With meditation retreat, you get ample time to reflect upon the practice, get an aspect of solitude to know self better, be close to nature, sleep and eat well, and make space for self-care. Meditation retreat in Thailand helps you to gain a new perspective over life and self.

Deepen the Practice of the Holistic Art

Yoga retreat usually runs from one to three weeks. This gives you an invaluable opportunity to delve deep into the practice with experienced teachers away from the distraction amidst requisite setting. During Meditation retreat in Thailand, you have a lot of time to practice Dhyana, but along with that, you can indulge in practicing other yogic activities like Pranayama, Asanas, and more. Self-practice is a key to shift your practice to a new level, and at a retreat, you can attain invaluable opportunity to get introduced to a different aspect which you never tried before. Meditation Retreat in Thailand helps you to lay the basic foundation for your yoga training by motivating you at all levels.

Learn Mindfulness

Mediation retreat gives you a new perspective to see the world and yourself differently. It is a chance to explore, unwind, and revive the being. Meditation makes you mindful, which is the basic human ability to be fully present and aware of the moment. But the modern world layered this ability with the thick sheets of responsibility, distractions, and more. Mindfulness is always present in us in every moment. You need to bring it into the practice through meditation like taking time to pause and breathe. The ambiance of the country also adds a lot to the practice making it a wonderful experience for you.

Meditation Retreat in Thailand lets you have an incredible experience of spiritual awakening, mind, body and soul transformation and complete rejuvenation.