Visit This Elephant Sanctuary In Thailand

Thailand is a country teeming with happiness. It’s not for no reason that Thailand is known in the world as the ‘land of smiles’. While at one quarter, splendid parties on the beach make front pages of international glamour and fashion magazines, on the other end of the country, peaceful retreat homes bathed in the silence of nature invite seeking souls to spend a while of self-absorbed, meditative bliss. Besides, beyond the country’s bustling markets, finger-licking local delicacies and handicrafts, ornate temples, and the loving people, there is something else that’s absolutely heartwarming—the biggest but the kindly beast of the country’s dense forested landscapes—its elephants!

When you travel beyond the gorgeous city lights of Bangkok and the breathtaking Thailand beaches, you will be left in the green pastorals like that of Chiang Mai. Here, the locals have come together in love and gratitude for nature with the country’s forest department to set up rescue and rehabilitation centers for the beautiful elephants of the forests.

What Triggered The Rescue Effort?

To a large extent, the establishment of the park happened in response to abuses of a majestic wildlife like the Elephant for benefiting the growth of tourism industry in Chiang Mai. Overworking of the beasts in trekking camps, forceful breeding, and sending out in the streets of a cityscape where they don’t belong for amusement were, and to some extent still is rampant in the Asian countries which environmentalists highly opine against.

There are elephants with permanent injuries from torture roaming the localities of Thailand. Especially from an indigenous ritual called the ‘phajaan’ or the crush, where they are chained up in little cells for many days and nights, the beasts come out browbeaten and traumatized.

The Elephant Nature Park started by the environmentalist Sangduen “Lek” Chilertanctuary, over about sixteen years ago, is relentlessly working for rescue and rehabilitation of these sorry creatures. The Park is open for visitors with a view to imbibe the values of responsible tourism to the tourists worldwide.

How Can You Be A Part Of Their Project?

If you have come to visit Thailand motivated by humanitarian service as part of your spiritual calling, this Elephant Sanctuary Thailand is a perfect place to dedicate your time at.

You can visit for a day and tour around the park to develop a connection with nature and its supreme beast in an eco-friendly and ethical manner, or stay overnight for a more involved experience, or sign up for multi nights and volunteer for a week in wildlife services.


Many tourists, consciously or unconsciously abetting environmental abuse with elephants reason how they participate in elephant riding because that is the only way to contact with these gentle behemoths.

At the activities partaken at Elephant Sanctuary Thailand, you will get to see how that is hardly the matter—

  • Feeding the Elephants- A beautiful activity, every visitor is encouraged to participate in it. They feed out of your hands and look up with love.
  • Participating in Bathing Time- A photo-op worthy fun and games activity and no, you don’t need to ride them to enjoy their company.
  • Watching Educational Videos- There is an archive of videos at the park which holds testimony to environmental abuse through committing animal cruelty to warn you against the same.

Enjoy your day at the park and promise to be a more responsible tourist.