Which Locations are best for Yoga in Thailand


Thailand is a vacationer’s fantasy and a dream come true for people who seek to enjoy little things in life under budget. Quite a statement delivering a mixed bag of feelings but this affordable destination has everything- beauty, lip-smacking food, beaches, retreat spots, and night life. Nowadays, destination management companies are seeing a surge in the number of people looking out for Yoga retreats and health holidays in beautiful destinations, both native and abroad. Thailand is one destination that can offer you everything that you have been looking for all this while. The long bike rides and trekking are two most sought-after activities here and you can add these to your Yoga extravaganza for that extra thrill punch.

So, if you are wondering what places you need to see here, here are top locations in Thailand that are perfect for your Yoga endeavors:

1. Chiang Mai

No matter if you have come here for a casual holiday with family or for some yoga in Thailand, the beautiful Chiang Mai has something for everyone. What is your calling? Yoga retreats, special Yoga classes, studios and beach meditation sessions, are some of the star attractions to look out for. Away from the hustle of the city area, Chiang Mai is a favorite amongst beach lovers and every year thousands of tourists visit the place to douse in the serenity of the sandy bays, and majestic mountains. On your Yoga holiday, you also have a chance to devour the authentic Thailand cuisine and experience fine dining at an affordable price range. So, if a Yoga Holiday is on your mind, then Chiang Mai is probably the chosen one.

2. Koh Samui

The beauty of Koh Samui will leave you spellbound and probably short of words. A popular destination for wellness retreats in the world, the beaches and plush resorts built midst natural flora of Koh Samui is a dream come true for health vacationers from all over the world. The northern little bay of Had Tien and the southern part constituting places like Taling Ngam are some of the most-sought wellness and detox retreats. Koh Samui is a perfect blend of amazing beach fronts and lavish resorts to give you the right soul satiating experiences. What else to look out for in Koh Samui? Go for adventure activities like kite-boarding, Island hoping, Diving, and Ziplining.

3. Koh Chang

Popularly known as the Elephant Island, Koh Chang is like a wild child with a rebellious charm that shines on its face. The destination has the most beautiful rugged jungles that gently encapsulate the might of the mountains and the wilderness into its warm arms. The Yoga retreats melts down in the Mangroves, which makes it a perfect destination for people looking out for a quiet path to their spiritual awakening with yoga in Thailand. You can stay in timber huts set along the hill side and enjoy the scenic beauty of this amazing place. There are regular sessions that allow you to unblock the energies, balance your Chakras through meditation, and gain enlightenment on spine health with best Yogic poses.

4. Bangkok

A majority of people would say that Bangkok reminds them of traffic, food, busy streets, and an elating nightlife. The city still has a lot of cheap yet equipped Yoga studios offering Yoga & meditation sessions, which also gives Bangkok a tint of culture and stillness. Thinking about becoming a part of any Yoga endeavor in Bangkok itself gives a feeling of balancing modernity with the truest essence of the human life. The Yoga studios and sessions here offer opportunity to attend workshops, participate in private as well as open meditation sessions and also choose from a gamut of Yoga Teachers Training Programs as well. So, whether you are on a brief vacation or in Thailand for some life mission, you have so much to choose from.

5. Phuket

Phuket is another popular destination with possibly the biggest and most beautiful islands in South Thailand. Apart from the beaches, top-notch shopping complexes and a number of entertainment options to go for, Yoga & culture retreat is another chapter to this book. It makes sense because a majority of Thailand follows Buddhism and spiritual retreats receives a notch higher angle to the entire experience. The Yoga retreats and detox treatments offered here in Phuket are pretty extensive and offer a variety like Ashtanga Yoga sessions, Yoga sessions by the sea side, detox retreats for women, and meditation sessions for the breath of freshness. Come to Phuket to enliven your soul while you drench your being in its urban ways.

Best Time to Visit Thailand   

Thailand is a destination flocked by visitors all year round. Unlike other western countries, Thailand is a most sought-after tourist attraction owing to its kaleidoscopic profile, best cuisine and affordability. So, now that you have a plan in mind, a choice of spiritual retreat on the bucket list and your computer ready to display some of the best travel websites for you, know the best time to visit this destination according to seasons.

  • Rainy season falls between June and October
  • Hot season in North & Central Thailand starts from February and ends in June
  • Northern Thailand comprising Chiang Mai experience hot weather between February and April
  • Coastal areas like the Gulf sees dry season from November till March.
  • January is a favorite amongst Travelers.

Best of Luck!