Why Is Thailand A Top Destination For Yoga Retreat


Mountains filled with lush green jungles to exotic islands with crystal clear water so blue it's almost unimaginable; the country offers some of the exquisite yoga retreats in the world. You can practice in any of the yoga retreats with experienced masters, savor delicious healthy food, and also experience meditation at a serene place surrounded by Mother Nature. It doesn't matter if you are new to yoga or practicing since years, the retreats are the ideal place for a yoga enthusiast to strive for inner peace, harmony, and spiritual enlightenment. Thailand offers a delightful and peaceful landscape, leaving your body and mind rejuvenated, relaxed, and re-energized. The whole experience will make your visit unforgettable, which you will cherish for life

Thailand has never failed to attract yogis and vacationers from different corners of the globe. A country bustling with energy, activity and natural wonders, it is surely the place to spend some ‘me’ time away from the stress and chaos of daily life. Below are some reasons, which will make you believe that Thailand is the best place to practice yoga.

Reasons to go to Thailand for the Perfect Yoga Experience

1. Excellent Yoga Teachers from ‘The East’ -

The yoga programs in Thailand yoga retreats are authentic with well known experienced teachers. The eastern teachers have something special about their teaching method. Thailand is the home to some of the best yoga teachers with all their scientific as well as an artistic understanding of yoga, so be it a philosophy of yoga, meditation, or Ayurvedic knowledge, they always have something new to add to your yoga practice. 

2.  Thailand with Lush Green Mountains -

Thailand is full of beautiful mountains and forests that will refresh your mind and soul with their breathtaking views. No wonder, why so many yogis come here and love it because yoga retreats in Thailand are nestled in the heavenly mountains surrounded by exquisite waterfalls and lush green forest which can surely rejuvenate the mind and the body. The whole surrounding will disconnect you from the outside world, by making you understand the importance of living life close to nature and how it benefits in numerous ways. 

3.   Some of the Exotic Beaches in the World -

Thailand is famous for its magnificent beaches with it is sparkling crystal clear water. While experiencing your beautiful stay in yoga retreats, you can also enjoy the beaches. Most of the yoga retreats in Thailand are located close to the beaches, where you can experience morning yoga by the sea or river when the surroundings are calm, and the only sound is of water splashing and birds chirping. Yoga at the beach is always a great way to embrace this holistic practice in its purest form – in the midst of nature. 

4.  Experience the Taste of Thai food -

Thailand with its delicious dishes, full of flavors will tempt your tastebuds because the Thai street food is freshly cooked and sourced straight from the farm, and it is so delightful, healthy and amazingly cheap. Plus yoga retreats in Thailand also offer some healthy organic food that is full of nutrition specially cooked by the professional Thai chefs with the taste full of Thai flavors. 

5.  Thai styled yoga massages -

Yoga retreats in Thailand offer the best Thai yoga massage, which will detoxify the body and boost the immune system. Thai yoga massage include important elements of eastern medicine and mainly focus on stimulating the pressure points to open the energy pathway of the body, allowing healing energy to pass freely and allowing the mind and the body to heal itself.

6.  Get to Know the Thai festivals and their Culture -

There are various Thai festivals and cultures which you will get to explore. You will be in time for the festival whether you go for a month or a week. Thai festivals welcome each person to explore and enjoy the culture. Besides having an unforgettable experience in the yoga retreat, you will also have lifetime memories of the place and Thai culture. 

Take some time off and book any of the beautiful yoga retreats in Thailand for a rejuvenating journey that cleanses both the mind and body by opening your full spiritual capability. 

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