Why Should I Do My Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand


Yoga teacher training in Thailand has gained much popularity over the past few years just like yoga. It is one of the best locations to learn and practice the authentic art of yoga. The perfect location filled with lush green mountains and crystal clear beaches offers the best yoga centers in the world with well-known experienced yoga teachers. It does not matter if you are a newbie or a yoga practitioner, the teacher training programs are best for the yoga enthusiasts who are looking to enhance their understanding of yoga. Besides enhancing your teaching skills, it also rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul with its peaceful and delightful landscapes. The whole experience of yoga will make your journey unforgettable and you will leave with a sense of harmony and peacefulness.

Below are some reasons that will make you believe that Thailand is a perfect location to pursue the yoga teacher training program. Because of its authentic yoga centers has made its way to the top, and no wonder why all the yogis around the world come to Thailand to experience the blissful journey of yoga and self-discovery.

Reasons to do Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

1. Explore a Different part of the World

Yoga teacher training can be a chance to explore the stunning viewpoints hikes, beautiful beaches, glorious flora, cascading waterfalls, and the massive Himalayas. Here you can practice the science of meditation and yoga while residing in the embrace of Mother Nature's generous treasures by getting away from the distractions of life. It is a place blessed with blissful yoga centers dwelling in the lap of nature, which allows your body and mind to reconnect with your inner being. The humid and warm weather of Thailand will make your yoga practice more enhancing by allowing your body to stretch and lubricating your joints.

2. Dwell in the Unique Ancient Heritage and Tradition

The rich tradition and ancient heritage of Thailand have attracted several wanderlust souls, yoga enthusiasts, and explorers towards it. There are several heritage sites which are listed under UNESCO such as, Ayuttaya, Sukhothai, Udon Thani, Ban Chiang, and many more. One can also explore the invaluable teaching of yoga and meditation at the ancient Gompas and Buddhist temples. One of the most significant importances of Thai culture has been Buddhism. Many of the customs and traditions of the Thai people stem straightly from the Buddhist principles. Besides yoga, you can also enjoy Thai beliefs, music, festivals, and enchanting dance rituals.

3. Highly Experienced Yoga Teachers

Thailand has numerous Yoga teacher training centers with highly skilled and trained yoga teachers to help you become a great yoga teacher. The yogi gurus of Thailand have something special about their teaching methods. It is a homeland for the fittest aspiring yoga teachers with all the artistic as well as scientific knowledge of yoga, be it meditation, yogic philosophy, or Ayurvedic wisdom, they constantly have something new to add to your yoga training.

4. Meet Like Minded Yogis

Here you will get to connect with like-minded yogis from all around the world. If you prefer going solely, then you have a better chance of making great friends who are full of positivity. You will also get to know about their experience, learning’s, cultures, which will help you more in connecting with them. Hopefully, these connections may even develop into lifetime friendships. Ideally, you will get to support each other on this blissful yogic path.

5. Cost Effective Certified Yoga Teacher Training

Being an Asian country, it is inexpensive and reasonable. Everything, from your comfortable economic accommodation to delicious and healthy food choices, including your yoga teacher training program, will cost you under your budget.  Before booking your program, you can always check for the certification of the center, and always go for a certified and well-respected yoga teacher training program, which will not only provide you with the full-fledged yoga wisdom but also offers the complete teacher training package.

6.Types of Yoga Program

The yoga centers in Thailand offers diverse programs so you may choose according to your needs. So, if you are a newbie and looking forward to gaining the basic knowledge about yoga, then you should go 200-hour yoga teacher training programs that are usually for the beginners. Along with 200-hour, there are other programs as well, which offers more extensive knowledge about yoga such as 300-hour and 500-hour. Also, opt for programs which also offer Ayurvedic wisdom along with Ayurvedic cooking classes as it will make your practice more intense.

Thailand offers not only traditional and authentic yoga teacher training programs but, also offers the astonishing experience that helps in calming your body, mind, and soul. So, book your program for not just learning as to how to teach but as how to inspire others.                                                                                                                                                                                         

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