Yoga Retreat For Beginners

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”- Rumi

Yoga assuredly is an enthralling journey and merging traveling with it makes the whole event more charming and rejuvenating. If yoga is something that excites your soul, a yogic break from the daily life is what you need to submerge deeply in the practice to discover your true self.  Retreats are the best way of attaining the goodness of yoga and the bliss of traveling, and a dose of repose in the stress bound lifestyle. Yoga vacation is the modus that lets you take time for yourself, keeping the worries and responsibilities far behind.

But enrolling for the fascinating soulful getaway is not a cake walk for everyone, especially for the budding yogis. With yoga into so much popularity, a lot of yoga schools, centers, studios have cropped up making the task of choosing the best for the beginners a bewildering experience.

So here we have come up with a quintessential guide for beginners that will help you to find the best Yoga retreat for beginners and what they need to look into while choosing.

Land with Legacy

Traced thousands of years ago in the lap of Himalayas, Yoga today has spread its roots across the globe bestowing its benefits of mind, body, emotions and soul. India being the birth land allures yogic nomads from the world over, but places including Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia too have a fascinating effect on the enthusiasts. All these places are renowned ancient lands and offer the best yoga courses.

Amidst the Serenity

Traverse to the land away from the city chaos engulfed with the beauty of nature in its purest form, showering the goodness of calming ambiance and divinely feeling. Though traveling anywhere for a yoga retreat or yoga teacher training proves to be beneficial, but consider going to a place with yogic legacy that should be nestled in the lap of pristine nature to let you have the most rejuvenating experience.

Know your Intentions Well

A yoga retreat is an ideal merger of yogic practice and traveling, but have you ever wondered why you want to commence on this reviving voyage? Some people go for a retreat to explore new places and learn the yogic science, some for self-discovery, some for spiritual enhancement and other for healing and detoxification. Know your intention and plan the getaway accordingly for astonishing reviving holidays.

Choose a Certified School or Program

Another important point to consider while choosing yoga holidays for beginners is selecting the best and certified school for a resonating experience. Select a Yoga Alliance Affiliated school or program, which adds to the credibility of the school. Also learn about the history, reputation, experience of the school for a clearer insight.

Get in Touch with the Teachers

As a beginner, you need to do the research work more profoundly and knowing your trainers is also part of finding the ideal one for yourself. Get in touch with the teachers to know about their style of training, about the courses and how the program goes about, etc. Also attain detailed knowledge about their experience, qualification, their subject of expertise and more.

Yoga Style for You

You must be well aware of the yogic terms like Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin, Vinyasa, Power and more. They are the yoga forms that you need to choose to pursue the retreat and training. It is advised to select the traditional forms Hatha and Ashtanga to gain authentic knowledge of yogic science.

Look into the Curriculum

Choosing a certified school means a course curriculum set as per the standards of the Yoga Alliance which guarantees authentic knowledge of this holistic art. But always try to go through the curriculum for a better insight into the course, subjects of teaching, therapies, etc.

Excursions for Exploration

An ideal yoga retreat program is not only about practicing yoga and its various aspects. Doing the same thing over and over again can make the program monotonous. Ensure the retreat program includes various yoga activities, relaxation therapies, excursions and visits to famous places. An ideal retreat course must have Ayurveda therapies, detoxification therapies, visits to places of natural, historical and spiritual importance, cooking classes, and more to make the program enticing.

Accommodation and Food

Yoga retreat for beginners or even for the advanced yogi is incomplete without soul-nurturing diet and hygienic accommodation. Ensure that the retreat program you choose should have them all for a better experience. Comfy, clean, hygienic and well-facilitated rooms are required for a well-rested stay, and if the room provides you with a glimpse of nature, it can become extremely cherishing.  Nutritious delectable food is also required to re-energize and revitalize the entire being, and it should be served thrice daily with herbal drinks.

Take Care of the Expenses

The yogic lands are not only known for their traditional and authentic yogic knowledge, but also for their affordable yoga retreat and training programs. To make the retreat program less expensive select an all-inclusive retreat package and have a transformative experience.

Remember these handy and important tips for choosing yoga holidays for beginners and have the best time of your life.