200 hour yoga teacher training thailand


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Address: Bangkok,Thailand
Infinity Resort
Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
Infinity Resort
01-Nov-2019 To 21-Nov-2019

29 Days of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Koh Phangan Thailand

Address: 63/2 Moo 4, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani,
La Casa Shambala
, koh phangan, Thailand
La Casa Shambala
04-Aug-2019 To 01-Sep-2019

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

A Yogi plays along with the facets of life, as it becomes one with all the phases of the moon.


Thailand is that precious gem which is treasured by all the sects of the world. The tropical white-sand beaches, symmetrical palm trees, and clear indulgent waters have captured the vibrant atmosphere which Thailand inherits. In this enchanting environment, Thailand has manufactured many services, but the most cherished one is Yoga. The rich paradise culture has oozed out better personalities of the tourists by introducing transformative programs like 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand.

Travelers turned yogis get their yoga certification from Thailand to enjoy their holidays while opening the doors of Yoga.  Whether you want to become a yoga teacher or you just want to feel ecstatic by deepening your practice, yoga teacher training are really popular in Thailand. The Land of Smiles has many other adventure sports, outdoor and indoor activities to keep their tourists entertained at all times.

Where should you go for YTT in Thailand?

Amongst many exotic places, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai, are the most famous ones where you can really live a yogic lifestyle, learn the traditional form of Yoga from many brilliant yoga teachers. The natural beauty of these islands like the rainforest in abundance and the friendly faces of people create a lovely environment for the yogis to feel comfortable in so that they can manifest their growth.

There are many Yoga programs that are successfully run in many areas of Thailand. If you are a beginner in the Yoga industry or just a visitor, the 200 hour Yoga certification in Thailand is an exclusively adorned famous course in the entire world. Who wouldn’t want to learn Yoga at the most exquisite sunset locations?

What does YTT include?

200-hour Yoga Courses in Thailand are in high demand due to their wisdom of Vedic teachings, serene ambiance, and happy atmosphere to transform individuals into kindred spirits.

Make sure you opt for a course which is approved by Yoga Alliance, especially if you are looking for a career in Yoga. Thailand has many such yoga studios which are encouraging the blissful state of life by forming the well-being via mental, physical, and spiritual health.

  • Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga

Learn the basic and the most original form of Yoga in Thailand. From the preparatory poses of Hatha to the intense body postures of Ashtanga Yoga. Sweat it out by learning the first form of fitness, next to the beach. How many people get the chance to do this?

  • Adjustment and Alignment Techniques

Fix your body postures by looking at the turquoise ocean, correct your asanas and prevent yourself from minor injuries by aligning your mind, body, and soul.

  • Philosophy of Yoga

Illuminate yourself in the fresh air, and breath-taking views of Thailand to gain the knowledge of Yoga through the Vedic scriptures, Upanishads. Living the life of a yogi in Thailand is a rare opportunity.

  • Meditation and Pranayama

Lounging next to a beach and getting a suntan is fun, but have you tried meditating or a few Pranayama activities? In all the other countries who teach Yoga, getting this kind of freedom, facilities, and perks is nearly impossible.

Sit on the sand, and de-clutter your brain, recharge your inner-power permanently with the forces of nature i.e. water, earth, air.

  • Yogic Discipline

Learn about the self-regulating behaviors or the ethical guidelines to evolve as a true yogi. Under the guidance of knowledgeable yoga erudite, enlighten yourself about the Yamas and Niyamas.

  • Teaching Classes

Get the opportunity to experience how it would feel to teach a yoga class. Teaching methodology classes given you a perspective of what it’s like to become a yoga teacher and how to go about teaching a class.

  • Balance of power

Balance your physical, mental and spiritual self to make optimum use of the natural resources. With this Yoga program, become a spark in the dark, a candle that lights up all the stubbed hearts to re-live, love, and rejoice the world.

Apart from the above mentioned activities, there’s plenty more to a 200 hour YTTC in Thailand. Gravitate your consciousness in a guided direction to achieve the desired state or to become a global Yoga practitioner, at a perfect location. Bloom in this 200-hour Yoga teacher training program to add more beauty in this world by sharing your inner-wisdom, and innovating gardens of love, hope, and joy.

Let your soul flourish in the inspiring land of Thailand, and under the transformative program of YTT. Get close to nature to enhance your spiritual practice, and flip the mundane lifestyle that you follow. This beautiful country has conducted countless Yoga courses over the years and still has its roots strong to deliver contrasting results (in a good way).

Elevate yourself at the heart of the world, in the la-la-land of yogis, at Thailand.