500 hour yoga teacher training thailand


500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Address: Thailand
Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
01-Oct-2019 To 30-Oct-2019

51 Days Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Address: Thailand
Bangkhen, Bangkok, Thailand
Close To Nature
01-Nov-2019 To 21-Dec-2019

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Yoga is the language of the soul which connects people of all races, ethnicity, and territories! The treasured city of Thailand is home of the tropical palm trees, and white-sand beaches, where the transparency of the blue waters, serene environment has made Thailand a ‘wishful holiday destination' for people of all around the world. Thailand inherits the enchanting beauty of the rich paradise culture, the growing Yogic community as it is every backpacker's den.

The transformative programs like the Yoga Teacher training have molded the dynamics of Thailand in a positive way especially by the people who are looking forward to becoming a Yoga teacher with a 500hour Yoga teacher training Thailand. The Land of Smiles is famous for keeping the travelers entertained with other excursion activities like adventure sports, and other indoor and outdoor activities.  

Where should you go for YTT in Thailand?

Thailand is a splurge of exotic places like the islands of Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, and Koh Phangan which are the hub for the yogic services and practices.  The concentration of the natural beauty on these islands is comparatively more and in abundance than other parts of the city. There are many Yoga programs like 500-hour yoga courses in Thailand, 300-hour YTT, 200-hour YTT, Yoga retreats which are successfully running on these popular joints.

Learn the traditional art of Yoga from the highly experienced teachers of Thailand who share their authentic knowledge and the ancient yogic wisdom through Yoga. “One, who is true, is pure!” says Chantara, a Yoga teacher of 500-hour yoga certification in Thailand, who further says that Thailand is open for beginners, and also professionals who want to furnish their skills in nature's ambiance. The Yoga programs in Thailand are not restricted to just one location, rather are scattered in different parts of the country.

What does YTT include?

This professional course is a certification program which shares the Vedic teachings from the ancient Hindu scriptures to create a balance between mental peace and stability, a healthy body, and an elevated spirit. The benefits of a 500-hour YTT are not only seen on papers but in your daily life as well since you transform as an individual completely in just 2 months.

A Yoga Teacher Training program is legitimate and trustworthy if the chosen program is Yoga Alliance USA certified. Personal and professional growth is exemplary and a strong boost to your career. What makes this program so special is the inclusion of several activities like:

  • Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga

Practice the Yoga asanas or yoga poses in its most refined form in Thailand. Learn the basics and the advanced movements of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga which is the most original or the first form of fitness ever introduced in the world. Let the beach wave at the island contribute to your personality modifications.

  • Meditation

Ever pictured the perfect location to just sit quietly and unwind the chaos off of your mind? Thailand is your calling which will shun the loud noises during this elite program of 500-hour YTT. Meditate both indoors and outdoors to expand your potential, increase focus and concentration. With the dhyana activities, an individual can de-clutter and filter the negative thoughts with the positives in the picturesque land. 

  • Adjustment and Alignment techniques

Learn to master the Adjustment and Alignment techniques to fix and correct your body postures, and to avoid minor body injuries. The safest way to open the blockages and your chakras is to align the body, mind, and soul which further helps in untangling the knots in a human body.

  • Yoga Philosophy

In the fresh green surroundings, learning about Yoga becomes much easier since Yoga is a product of nature itself. During this program, know about the philosophy of Yoga from the Vedic scriptures, Upanishads, sacred books of Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, etc.

  • Pranayama

Deep-breathing exercises refresh the brain and nourish the body thoroughly. It activates the brain cells by re-energizing them with every ‘deep--breath'. Different patterns of breathing are practiced like the ‘alternate breathing technique', breath-hold and breath-release, and so on.

On this getaway, allow your soul to flourish while you advance your learning’s and become a master in their field of Yoga! Welcome a yogic lifestyle, elevate your spiritual self, and become one with nature at beautiful Thailand.